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SITE UPDATED: Monday June 17th, 2013

The "flag" issue is still...an issue! The fines that were imposed for BFFAR flying our Armed Forces flags has been waived. The proposed solution is 1 flag for every 25' of frontage/property, our entire property (including the soon to open car lot next door) is 250' that will allow us to fly 10 flags total, we can fly our 8 flags and they can fly 2 flags. This worked out for us HOWEVER it did not fix the problem and Eddie Colosimo, President of BFFAR, Bikers Americans for First Amendment Rights, has stood firm with the support of, not only the membership of BFFAR but the American people nationwide that the flags in question should not be included in the limitations the city is trying to impose, these flags show SUPPORT and RESPECT of our United States Armed Forces! This is just a step in fixing the problem and it may take time, a year or two possibly...elections are soon to be upon us...maybe fixing this problem means fixing our city's main problems, the city manager and the commission making the decisions.

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Volusia County Issues
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Volusia County Issues is an informative talk format broadcast that deals with the political issues that effect the citizens of Volusia County Florida. Each show will focus on subjects of interest to the residents of the area, and foster a climate of healthy debate with special guests to discuss the topics.

Please note, we now offer an Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit just for
being a member of B.F.F.A.R. It is no cost to you, current members are eligible for
a $2000 policy, non-current members are eligible for a $1000 policy, along with other benefits Please read the letter enclosed with your newsletter and follow the directions. YOU HAVE THIS COVERAGE no matter what, if you don't return the card, you can't designate a beneficiary, if something happens this money will go into your estate instead of to your loved one...we encourage you to return the card and designate a beneficiary to alleviate any pain to your family.

Bikers For First Amendment Rights

A Non-Profit Organization - Founded 2001

B.F.F.A.R., Bikers For First Amendment Rights, a non-profit organization, is the largest citizen activist group in Volusia county. You do not have to be a "biker" to be a part of B.F.F.A.R., we are a group of citizens fighting for our Constitutional rights at a local level. As citizens of Volusia County we are being robbed of our Constitutional rights by special interest groups in our local government that DO NOT care about what we as citizens want or need. Their opinion is the only one that counts. It is time to ask ourselves "WHY"? The answer is simple...because we allow them to be the only voice heard.

B.F.F.A.R as a group has proven we have strength in numbers and we are being heard and recongnized as a force to deal with. Think about it...there are many things our government allows us to do or not to do without taking into consideration our rights. For instance, there are new noise ordinances, dress codes and music curfews along with the fact that these groups tell our merchants when they can open, when they can close, when they can sell you a T-shirt or beer. They tell us when and if we can have friends in our own homes. They actually demand under the threat of fines that we ask them for permission to do what the Constitution already guarantees us the right to do!

The greatest threat to our freedom is NOT from terrorists, it is from our own city and county government and it is up to us to stop them and regain control of our lives. Look around you, the minority groups in this country get what they want, not strictly because they are a minority but because they stick together long enough are loud enough to be heard. We can't even consider ourselves a minority because we are not sticking together fighting for our rights and our voice is not being heard. We are still the ones paying the majority of taxes with the least amount of input into our own lifestyles.

It is time we stand as one, a strong group of citizens fighting for our Constitutional rights that were granted us as Americans by our forefathers. We need to speak up and make our local government accountable for thier actions.

We need to stand firm and show them we will not let our soldiers die on foreign soil for a constitution that we will not protect at home.

Become a member of B.F.F.A.R., Bikers For First Amendment Rights and be a part of a fight for our lives and the lives of generations to come.

In our Constitution the words...

          "WE THE PEOPLE" represent strength.
          "WE THE PEOPLE" believe Freedom is more than a word...

It is a way of life worth fighting for!

In brief, you should know the following about us: our Non-Profit was established in 2001 and had been responsible for making our local government accountable ever since.

 Our specialty is in the area of Politics, Troop Support and Community Action.

 POST 1 NEW LOCATION 745 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill, Florida 32117